Men in Black: Reborn is an upcoming 2014 reboot of the Men in Black series.


J and K head off to space to rescue an alien friend and reunite him with his family.


  • Will Smith as Agent J
  • Josh Brolin as Agent K
  • Nathan Lane as the voice of Glarg, a fickle alien
  • Doug Jones as the voice of Melgleep, Glarg's son
  • David Hyde Pierce as the voice of Boddletreep, Glarg's other son
  • Marina Sirtis as the voice of Glargarina, Glarg's wife
  • Alec Baldwin as Agent X, the head of Men in Black


  • Buster Posey as Hot Dog Vendor
  • Mike Rowe as Garbage Man
  • Ke$ha as Alien Fugitive #1
  • Dick Van Dyke as Elderly Alien
  • Halston Sage as Texting Alien Girl

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